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Top 25 Best Decorated Beach Homes

KEES Vacations prides itself on its vast collection and wide variety of beautiful Outer Banks vacation rentals. Whether you want a one-bedroom hotel room or a 24-bedroom event home, we have you covered. Our rentals are beautifully decorated with a focus on minor details in design and style. While there could be many more on this list, our team has selected the Top 25 Best Decorated Beach Houses for your viewing pleasure.

9 bed | 11 bath - Soundfront in Corolla
Modern, bright, and airy with coastal color accents.

6 bed | 6 bath - Oceanside in Corolla
Simply understated elegance with clean colors and thoughtful accents make this home welcoming and unpretentious.

10 bed | 11 bath - Oceanfront in Hatteras
Warm wood tones compliment beachy decor and hues.

10 bed | 12 bath - Oceanfront in Hatteras
Chic coastal charm throughout! Neutral tones paired with seascape hues make this home beautifully inviting.

7 bed | 7 bath - Soundside in Corolla
Whimsical pastel decorum inspires happiness with no detail left untouched.

1 bed | 1 bath - Soundside in Hatteras
Quintessential beach cottage feel incorporating fun patterns and seaside decor.

16 bed | 19 bath - Oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills
Dark, rich wood compliments neutral tones and plush furnishings.

9 bed | 11 bath - Oceanside in Corolla
Modern and sleek with subtle decor adding interest throughout.

5 bed | 5 bath - Soundside in Corolla
Comfort meets sophistication with natural light illuminating every room.

7 bed | 7 bath - Oceanside in Corolla
Beachy tones with pops of colors and patterns.

12 bed | 16 bath - Oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills
Opulent and elegantly unique in decor and furnishings.

3 bed | 4 bath - Soundside in Kill Devil Hills
Bright and beachy with a tropical flair.

10 bed | 12 bath - Oceanfront in Hatteras
Coastal accents and colors abound from the kitchen to the rec room through the use of paint, furnishings and decor.

12 bed | 14 bath - Oceanfront in Corolla
Ultra-modern style with warm accents and bursts of trendy patterns and colors.

24 bed | 25 bath - Oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills
Well appointed with rich woods and creamy neutrals complemented with calming subdued tones and aesthetically pleasing decor.

8 bed | 10 bath - Oceanfront in Nags Head
Beautiful combination of dark woods paired with seaside greys and blues.

7 bed | 9 bath - Semi-Oceanfront in Kill Devil Hills
Warmth and coziness evoked from rich tones and splashes of calm coastal colors.

9 bed | 11 bath - Oceanfront in Nags Head
Light woods accompany ocean inspired colors and decor.

8 bed | 11 bath - Oceanfront in Nags Head
Lavish home with dark woods and rich tones juxtaposed with bright walls and accented with elegant patterns.

5 bed | 3 bath - Soundfront in Poplar Branch
Peaceful and relaxing soundside home with plush furnishings and stunning woodwork throughout.

7 bed | 8 bath - Soundfront in Corolla
Coastal chic meets the tropics with clean whites, seascape blues, and tropical decor accents.

9 bed | 12 bath - Oceanfront in Nags Head
Warm, creamy tones compliment bold pops of color carried from the living area down to the theater and rec rooms.

24 bed | 32 bath - Soundside in Corolla
Luxurious and opulent furnishings rival the stunning chandelier which illuminates the spiral staircase.

4 bed | 5 bath - Oceanside in Corolla
Traditional decor harmonized with clean whites, subtle greys, and bursts of color make this home bright and inviting, yet stylish.

14 bed | 16 bath - Oceanside in Salvo
Sophisticated yet trendy. Bold accents of orange, blue, green, and yellow paired beautifully with white and grey tone backgrounds.