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Poplar Branch Vacation Rentals

The Outer Banks isn’t the only vacation spot on the Currituck Sound. The peninsula adjacent to the famous barrier islands has a culture all its own, and a drive across it offers countless opportunities to enjoy the rustic and refined culture of Currituck County. Drop by a brewery or vineyard on your way down, or visit one of the area’s many golf courses. Stop by a plant nursery, or check out scenic points and parks set up across the peninsula, some of which have water access. Speaking of water access, don’t forget the Poplar Branch Public Boating Access for those more nautically inclined. That’s not even to mention the possibilities after crossing over the Wright Memorial Bridge into the OBX islands! Though it’s nice to have the option, still, to leave the Outer Banks after a day of adventure, and return to the quiet and cultured atmosphere of Poplar Branch in Currituck County. Read More.

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$228.00 - $1,303.00 Per Night
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
$117.00 - $419.00 Per Night
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
$123.00 - $471.00 Per Night
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
  • Pet Friendly
$133.00 - $418.00 Per Night
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
  • Pet Friendly

What are the popular destinations to visit in Poplar Branch?

  • Many visitors stop at Digger's Dungeon on their drive to Poplar Branch. They have a small diner and activities that both kids and adults are sure to enjoy as well as a look at some of the Monster Trucks.
  • H2OBX Water Park is near Poplar Branch. This is a popular destination to enjoy basking in the sun on a cabana, hanging out in the wave pool, or taking a trip down a water slide.
  • Many golfers have their destination around Poplar Branch due to the four amazing golf courses in the area.

  • In Coinjock, enjoy a wonderful dinner on the canal at the Coinjock Marina Restaurant. Indulge in home-cooked steak and seafood while waiting for a big yacht to tie up to the dock.

How many vacation rentals are available around Poplar Branch?
Poplar Branch is located on the mainland of Currituck County a few miles north of Grandy and about 10 minutes from Coinjock. It is also 16 miles from Point Harbor and only 22 miles from the beautiful beach and ocean waves of Kitty Hawk. KEES currently has three vacation rentals in the Poplar Branch area. If you are looking for a tranquil part of the Outer Banks away from the hustle and bustle of the more central beaches, Poplar Branch is for you! You will definitely find a family-friendly vacation home here.

When is the best time to book a vacation in Poplar Branch?
The most popular time to book a Poplar Branch vacation rental is the summer. Summer on the Outer Banks has the warmest months of the year and allows for the most sun. With this comes the days that are mostly filled with others. The spring and fall, while cooler, give some great beach days where you can enjoy the sun. In addition, during these seasons, the roads, stores, and restaurants are the least crowded.

During the winter months, the weather is cooler and there are fewer visitors in town. However, the winter provides peace and tranquility on the secluded beaches and there are still sunshine-filled days. In Poplar Branch, there are a good number of locals who live there year-round, but any time is still a wonderful time to visit.

Being on the mainland does make for milder weather overall so honestly, any time is great to book a vacation there!

What activities should I look forward to when renting a vacation home in Poplar Branch?
There are many activities to do in Poplar Branch and mainland Currituck. Poplar Branch is really close to Digger's Dungeon. Here you can enjoy a break from traveling to grab a snack at the diner or walk around the property to see the monster truck displays. Those who are more adventurous can actually enjoy a ride on one on a dirt track!

  • In Grandy, you will find Flippers Arcade and Variety Store. Who doesn't love an arcade?
  • Heading 13 miles south, you will come to the H2OBX Water Park. This family-friendly place is fun for all ages. Whether you rent a cabana for the day, enjoy the water slides or relax in the wave pool - there is something for everyone.
  • Any golfers in the group? Close to Poplar Branch are four golf courses: Kilmarlic Golf Course, The Pointe, The Carolina Club, and Holly Ridge.

  • Close to Poplar Branch, you will find the Sanctuary Vineyards. They have wine tasting, wine for purchase, several events throughout the year, and live music on some evenings. There is also Buffalo City Distillery. Take a tour, sample some libations, or just hang out.

How to get to Poplar Branch?
There are two ways to get to the Outer Banks - driving and flying. The closest international airport is in Norfolk, VA (ORF). After landing in Norfolk, you will then head south on NC-168 and US-158 until you come to Poplar Branch.

What amenities should I look forward to when renting a vacation home in Poplar Branch?
At KEES, our goal is to provide the absolute best of Outer Banks vacation homes; flexible check-in dates, amenity packages that make your stay more enjoyable, and service that will bring you back. Click here for the list of signature amenities found in all of our vacation rentals. We also are proud of our FlexStay™ program. This allows visitors to begin their vacation any day of the week with no 7-night minimum restrictions! Many of the properties have free wifi, a private outdoor pool, hot tub, and/or are pet friendly. Search our vast selection to find the perfect vacation rental.

Why book a Poplar Branch vacation home in KEES?
Closer to the cities of Chesapeake and Elizabeth City, Poplar Branch vacation rentals are on the north side of the Wright Brothers Memorial Bridge and away from the hustle and bustle of the denser towns on the Outer Banks. This will allow for a nice and quiet vacation with less traffic; however, close enough to the towns of Kitty Hawk, Duck, and Kill Devil Hills giving you the best of both worlds. You can relax on the Currituck Mainland and then go across the bridge and enjoy the beach and ocean waves. Poplar Branch still keeps you close enough to restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping.

Poplar Branch is an ideal location for golf groups as there are four golf courses nearby: Kilmarlic, The Pointe, The Carolina Club, and Holly Ridge. Reserve a Poplar Branch vacation rental and enjoy a golfing week/weekend.

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