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Currituck Mainland Rentals

The towns that makeup the Currituck Mainland include Coinjock, Poplar Branch, Grandy, Jarvisburg, Powells Point, Harbinger, and Point Harbor. This area is a great to visit for ultimate relaxation, downtime, and front porch sitting!

Whether you`re stopping through on your way to the Outer Banks, or looking for a place to stay before your week at the beach, these little towns are packed with things to do away from the hustle and bustle of the beach! We also offer pet-friendly accommodations as well!  Read more.

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$133.00 - $426.00 Per Night
  • 3 Bedrooms
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  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
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  • Currituck Mainland
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$123.00 - $449.00 Per Night
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
  • Pet Friendly
$117.00 - $419.00 Per Night
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Currituck Mainland
  • Soundfront
Currituck Mainland FAQ

There are many popular destinations on Currituck Mainland. The largest destination to enjoy is the access to the water. Here you have access to the Albemarle Sound on the west and the Currituck Sound on the east. This destination allows the whole family to enjoy boating, fishing, tubing, kayaking, and jet skiing. There are a few bars/restaurants on the Currituck Mainland (Barrys in Walnut Island and the Currituck Trading Post) that are located directly on the sound allowing for great water views. And you`ll be lucky to see a sunset over the sound – there is nothing more beautiful (except maybe a sunrise over the ocean!)

Sanctuary Vineyards: A family-owned winery with tastings, tours, and locally made wines. They often have live music in the evenings and annual events such as the Crabdaddy Seafood and Wine Festival.

H2OBX Water Park: Great for all ages, you can enjoy a day sunbathing on a cabana, tubing down the lazy river, or going down a slide. Open Memorial Day to Labor Day

There are some nice golf courses in Currituck Mainland – Kilmarlic, The Pointe, Holly Ridge, the Carolina Club, and Eagle Creek are great courses all located on the Currituck Mainland to enjoy a golf outing. These golf courses are much more affordable than the ones on the OBX and just as much fun!

Farmers Markets: Because farming is so prevalent in Currituck County, you can find several farmers` markets. Stop by Tarheel Market, Grandy Greenhouse, Powell`s Roadside Market, and Morris Farm and grab some fresh produce, seafood, and locally made goods. The Morris Farm has a bar and larger concert venue where you can listen to live music. Stop by in the fall for a pumpkin patch ride!

Historic Jarvisburg Colored School – In Jarvisburg, there is a renowned white building which is the location of the Historic Jarvisburg Colored school. Learn about education of African American students prior to de-segregation as well as what their lives were living in rural Currituck.

Diggers Dungeon: Being the home of the famous monster truck, Grave Digger, a visit to Diggers Dungeon is sure to please. See the truck up close and take some pictures. Other things to do: eat at the onsite restaurant (that even serves breakfast), take a ride on the dirt track in a different monster truck, or buy some Grave Digger merchandise. Every so often there is a monster truck race at the track located a few miles north.

Buffalo City Distillery: Take a tour of the distillery, enjoy a tasting, and listen to live music. You can even buy some bottles of whiskey to take home with you.

In addition to these destinations, there are plenty of restaurants, unique local shops, tobacco stores, a wedding venue (Loblolly Estate), and grocery stores on the Currituck Mainland.

KEES currently has four vacation rentals on the Currituck Mainland. All these vacation rentals are on the Sound. You will have easy access to enjoy many water activities right in your backyard and to sit on the porch and watch a beautiful sunset. Are you ready for a tranquil and relaxing vacation? Come stay on the Currituck Mainland!

Any time of the year is a great time to book a Currituck Mainland vacation home. This is because Currituck is home to many locals thus businesses and restaurants tend to be open all year round. Thus, there are many activities to enjoy in the offseason. All the activities mentioned in the next section as well as the destinations referenced earlier are all open year-round except for the H2OBX water park. How refreshing is it knowing you will always have the opportunity to enjoy those things no matter what time of year it is!

Although more rural and quieter compared to the Outer Banks beach towns, there is so much to do on the Currituck Mainland.

Libations: Enjoy tastings at both the Sanctuary Vineyards and the Buffalo City Distillery. You can tour both facilities to learn about the wine and whiskey, respectively, and how the process works. Buy yourself a bottle and enjoy the nights when live music is playing.

Speaking of live music, a visit to Morris Farm might allow you to catch a music concert. If not, you will certainly be able to grab some fresh produce, taste samples, buy some homemade goods, and eat ice cream. There are other farmers` markets up and down the Currituck Mainland as well. We can guarantee freshly grown produce and freshly caught seafood.

Any golfers in the group? There are five golf courses on the Currituck Mainland: Kilmarlic, Holly Ridge, The Pointe, the Carolina Club, and Eagle Creek.

There are plenty of options for the whole family to have some fun. Challenge your group to a skeeball contest at Flippers Arcade and Variety Store. Grab your bathing suit and head to the H2OBX Water Park. Water slides, a lazy river, and comfortable cabanas will welcome you.

We cannot mention water activity enough when speaking about the Currituck Mainland. With plenty of access points to the Sound, including the Currituck Rural Center (Powells Point), Coinjock Boat Ramp, Poplar Branch Boat Ramp, Poyners Road Boat Ramp (Moyock), Shingle Landing Boat Ramp (Moyock), and Sound Park Boat Ramp (Point Harbor). These main access points allow you to also launch a kayak, canoe, or a jet ski, jump in for a swim, throw in a fishing line, or float around on an inner tube.

The Currituck Rural Center not only provides access to the sound, but it also has indoor and outdoor horse rings. The family can also enjoy picnic pavilions and a boardwalk at the Center too. There is a playground and dog park to enjoy as well.

Being more rural, many locals have horses, and you will find miles of horse trails on the Currituck Mainland. Also, there are plenty of places to go hiking and biking.

There are some delicious restaurants on the Currituck Mainland and some unique stores.

While rural and less crowded than the beach towns of the Outer Banks, you will be sure to always find something fun to do on the Currituck Mainland.

There are two ways to get to the Outer Banks - driving and flying. The closest international airport is in Norfolk, VA (ORF). After landing in Norfolk, you will then head south on NC-168 and US-158. As soon as you cross the state line into North Carolina, (Welcome to North Carolina!), you will venture south through the communities of Moyock, Sligo, Maple, Barco, Coinjock, Aydlett, Waterlilly, Poplar Branch, Grandy, Jarvisburg, Powells Point, Harbinger, and Point Harbor. These are the communities that make up the Currituck Mainland.

At KEES, all vacation rentals have flexible check-in dates, a standard amenity package, and outstanding service. Our FlexStay™ program lets guests start their vacation any day of the week with no 7-night minimum stay. Many properties offer free Wi-Fi, private outdoor pools, hot tubs, and pet-friendly options. Browse our wide selection to find your ideal vacation rental.

The KEES vacation rentals on the Currituck Mainland are all waterfront properties. These are more cost-effective than oceanfront homes. Visiting the Currituck Mainland allows you to enjoy the activities mentioned above. Here you are close enough to Kitty Hawk beaches and other towns of the Outer Banks. However, renting a home on the Currituck Mainland allows you to drive back over the Wright Brothers Memorial Bridge and experience a more quiet, relaxing, serene experience.

It`s the best of both worlds, in that you have the beach and the sound. You are close to the cities of Chesapeake and Elizabeth City in case you want to explore other areas or visit places that we might not have down on the Outer Banks, yet still close to the entire Outer Banks.

You have access to dining, farmers` markets, and shopping on the Currituck Mainland. We encourage you to enjoy water activities, farmers` markets, golf, hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

The Currituck Mainland allows you to experience a quieter side of the Outer Banks with a lot of things to do, yet at a lower cost compared to the beach towns.

Make KEES your first choice when booking your vacation rental. We are here to make your stay the best it can be. Give us a call or book online.

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