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Find the perfect OBX rental for your next beach vacation! The Outer Banks consist of many small towns that are scattered down the 175+ mile long North Carolina coastline. The OBX is broken into three parts, The Northern Beaches, which encompasses everything from Corolla to Oregon Inlet, including Duck,  Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head. The Southern Beaches which include all the towns on Hatteras Island from Avon to Buxton and of course Roanoke Island & Manteo! With over 300+ OBX vacation rentals we have something perfect for you!

Find The OBX Town That's Perfect For Your Outer Banks Vacation!

Search our wide selection of vacation rentals scattered down the North Carolina Coast from Corolla, NC to Hatteras Island and everything in between!

Corolla Vacation Rentals


Avon is the central town on Hatteras Island. The largest grocery and hardware stores on the island are located here, as are multiple dining and entertainment options. If you want to see all the sights Hatteras Island offers, Avon makes a wonderful jumping-off point with its central location on the island. To the north, you’ll find Rodanthe, Salvo, and Waves. To the south, you’ll find Buxton, Frisco, and Hatteras. The Avon Pier offers a one-stop service for all your fishing needs, and there are shopping opportunities from top to bottom along Highway 12.

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Buxton Vacation Rentals


Buxton is home to the world-famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest brick lighthouse in the U.S. (and second-tallest in the world) and the actual point of land known as Cape Hatteras. The home also to the Buxton Woods Reserve, which is inside the largest remaining contiguous tract of maritime evergreen forest on the Atlantic coast, Buxton offers a unique combination of sand and greenery not seen on other parts of the island. Surfers love the jetties at the old lighthouse beach, and grocery shoppers with inclinations toward natural and organic goods will love shopping at the family-owned Conner's Supermarket. To the north, you’ll find Rodanthe, Salvo, Waves, and Avon. To the south, you’ll find Frisco and Hatteras.

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Coinjock Vacation Rentals


Coinjock is a small, serene community that is part of Currituck County. The name Coinjock is of Native American origin, meaning "the place of the blueberry swamps", referring to the swamp blueberries native to the county. Known for its placement right on the Intracoastal Waterway, many visitors enjoy watching the boats pass by. A short drive and you'll find yourself at a brewery, a vineyard or even the exciting H2OBX waterpark! Coinjock is just about 25 miles from the eastern side of the Wright Memorial Bridge in Kitty Hawk.

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Corolla Vacation Rentals


While Corolla, NC is one of the most popular Outer Banks destinations today, this quaint vacation town has all of the characteristics of a classic Outer Banks vacation. Loved by travelers for its seclusion, small-town community, and variety of unique shopping and dining options, Corolla is a town where there’s plenty to do for the visitor while living like an Outer Banks local! Corolla is ideal for families who want to lounge on the wide spacious OBX beaches or visit one of the many historic destinations.

Unlike what you may find in the nearby Outer Banks towns, Corolla has all the best attractions of an oceanside vacation while offering more of a rustic sense of adventure...

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Duck Vacation Rentals


Duck beaches, named among the top in the nation, are secluded and can be quieter from the hustle and bustle of the barrier islands’ southern towns. You can enjoy fantastic shell collecting among quaint, less public seashores, especially in the offseason months. Duck Town Park and Boardwalk offer a tranquil environment for top annual events, including the Duck Jazz Festival. Although travelers to the area should have the sound-side views on their must-do list...

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Frisco Vacation Rentals


Frisco's split personality has something for everyone. The canal and sound frontage in Brigand's Bay in northern Frisco is hugely popular with guests seeking calmer waters for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Wind sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding are also popular soundside activities here. Southern Frisco offers miles of beaches for shelling and traditional surfing as well as surf fishing. And the friendly folks at Frisco Rod and Gun will be happy to get you started or up your game. A National Park Service beach access at the southern end of the village offers handicap access, a bathhouse, and lifeguards in season...

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Grandy Vacation Rentals


Grandy is a quiet town located on the mainland just 20 minutes from the beaches of the Outer Banks. It is home to North Carolina's oldest microbrewery, the Weeping Radish Farm & Brewery, as well as Sanctuary Vineyards, and the birthplace of Ducks Unlimited. Looking for fresh produce? Don't miss the local Grandy Greenhouse Farm Market to pick up those yummy seasonal favorites! There is something for everyone at the H2OBX waterpark, just 10 minutes away. If a round of golf is what you're after...

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Hatteras Vacation Rentals


Adored for its ideal Outer Banks location for offshore fishing and surfing, visitors can expect a spectacular environment for watersports. Classic Outer Banks landmarks like the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, iconic Cape Point, and places like The Graveyard of the Atlantic museum offer great opportunities to explore the area. Hatteras is known for its non-commercialized and natural surroundings, retaining the original Outer Banks vibe vacationers know and love...

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Kill Devil Hills Vacation Rentals

Kill Devil Hills

The oldest township in the Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills is the heart of the Outer Banks and the “central hub” for many Outer Banks visitors because of the prime location that’s between it all.

The area’s unique name comes from the band of rum found during the colonial period said to be strong enough to “kill the devil”. Forever marking its place in history in 1903 as the location of the Wright brothers’ innovation in flight...

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Vacation Rentals

Kitty Hawk Vacation Rentals

Kitty Hawk

While its name’s origin is debated and mysterious to this day, there’s no arguing the area’s status as one of the best destinations for vacationing along the Outer Banks. A classic beach town with great shopping, dining, and more, Kitty Hawk is also known for its natural experiences and beauty. Ample public beach access allows for an easy day of soaking in the sun on the Atlantic coast. Across the way on the Kitty Hawk Bay is the town’s coastal preserve, offering a serene walk through the woodsy side of the island...

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Vacation Rentals

Manteo Vacation Rentals


Sitting on the eastern side of Roanoke Island, Manteo is one of the most unique and charming locations that make up the chain of barrier islands. Its geography is unlike any of its neighboring towns; although the island is not along the coast of the Atlantic, it is surrounded by popular waterfront settings.

Distant yet easily traveled to, Manteo is effortlessly accessible from South Nags Head and connected by the major highway. Wrapped around Shallowbag...

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Nags Head Vacation Rentals

Nags Head

So well-renowned that many use its name to describe the Outer Banks as a whole, the town of Nags Head epitomizes the OBX experience. From its earliest beginnings as a summer vacation destination, it has been a haven for tourists looking to explore the North Carolina coast for over 150 years. Several historic cottages and hotels remain, still accommodating guests just as they have for decades...

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Point Harbor Vacation Rentals

Point Harbor

A part of the greater Currituck County area, Point Harbor is known for being the final destination before crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge into Kitty Hawk or Southern Shores. Offering a more secluded and serene setting in many of its neighborhoods, the town’s rural environment allows for a quiet getaway while remaining minutes away from the lively barrier islands that are across the way...

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Vacation Rentals

Poplar Branch Vacation Rentals

Poplar Branch

The Outer Banks isn't the only vacation spot on the Currituck Sound. Poplar Branch is the peninsula adjacent to the famous barrier islands has a culture all its own, and a drive across it offers countless opportunities to enjoy the rustic and refined culture of Currituck County. Drop by a brewery or vineyard on your way down, or visit one of the area's many golf courses. Stop by a plant nursery, or check out scenic points...

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Vacation Rentals

Rodanthe Vacation Rentals


Want to get away from it all and still be close to everything the Outer Banks has to offer? Rodanthe is the place for you! The first community of the "tri-villages" that greets you when you arrive on Hatteras Island, Rodanthe lets you reach almost everything in a 60-minute drive or less. To the north, you’ll find popular destinations like the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, and the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, To the south, you’ll find towns like Waves, and Salvo.

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Salvo Vacation Rentals


Originally called Clarks or Clarksville, the village of Salvo on the Outer Banks got is name in a most interesting way. The legend goes that during the Civil War, a sailor aboard a Union ship passing off the coast of Hatteras Island spied the town of Clarks, but couldn't find a name for it on the map. He informed his captain who famously said, "Give it a salvo anyway." They did, and the sailor then wrote "Salvo" on his map to...

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Southern Shores Vacation Rentals

Southern Shores

Very similar to its bordering towns of Duck and Kitty Hawk, the town of Southern Shores provides great proximity to both oceanfront and sound-side activities and attractions. Only 4 miles long and easily accessed by the highway, visitors will find this town’s charm in its less “busy” atmosphere and lack of commercial buildings and development. Being mostly residential, the town offers its guests a quiet forested environment - the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle!...

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Waves Vacation Rentals


Located between Rodanthe and Salvo, Waves is part of the triumvirate known as the "tri-villages." In Waves, you can take a walk on the beach in the morning to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise, then cross the island in the evening to see the sun sink into the Pamlico Sound. If you have always wanted to try traditional surfing, kiteboarding, or windsurfing, the kind and knowledgeable pros at Real Watersports love giving lessons. And a dining experience at Watermen's Bar and Grill is always memorable not only for the fare but for the views as well. Located just a short drive away is the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station Historic Site, a must-see for any history buff.

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