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Check-in/Out Policies & Procedures

Save time with KEES Vacations.  Your door code will be emailed to you 24 hours prior to arrival and you can head directly to your vacation rental. It is that easy.

Check-in time is 4 PM on your arrival date.

Check-out time is 10 AM. Please observe this rule, as our housekeeping staff needs time to prepare for our next arrival. Upon leaving, please secure all windows and doors, wash dishes, turn off all lights and small appliances, remove all items from the refrigerator and remove all trash from your rental accommodations by disposing of it in the appropriate receptacle. Your lock code will stop working at 10 AM.

Early Check-In and Late Check-Out
To ensure the safety of our guests and staff we require the full amount of time between reservations to meet our cleanliness standards. We ask all guests to plan on a 4 PM check in and 10 AM check out.

First time checking-in with KEES?
KEES Vacations utilizes a keyless entry system to all of our Outer Banks condos. Your check-in is performed by email or over the phone. No waiting in lines or congested parking for check-in. Your door lock code will begin working at 4 PM on your check-in date. You may go directly to your rental accommodation at
this time.

Standard Door Handle Keyless Lock

To Unlock: Enter your code, including all symbols (* or #) if applicable, as shown within your Check-In Welcome Email and push the handle down while the light is green to unlock and open the door.  

To Lock: Lock will automatically lock when door is closed.

Deadbolt Style Keyless Lock

To Unlock: Enter your code, including all symbols (* or #) if applicable,  as shown within your Check-In Welcome Email, and turn the deadbolt knob on the lock while the light is green.  That will unlock the door and you may proceed with turning the doorknob to open the door.  

To Lock: Turn the deadbolt knob to lock the door.

Have other questions or just want to talk?
Call KEES Vacation Rentals: 866.316.1843

Chat with Us

Text us from your phone: 252-477-7864

Available during business hours: 9am - 5pm EST

Please note if texting outside of these hours we will get back to you at our earliest convenience!