Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends of KEES Vacations,

Welcome to KEES Vacations, your destination for accessible, flexible, and relaxing vacation experiences in North Carolina’s exceptional Outer Banks! Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable coastal vacation or you’re an Outer Banks rental property owner, we’ve prepared for you a comprehensive guide to Outer Banks vacation rentals and encourage you to look through our online resources or contact us for a custom guide.

With a variety of vacation destinations throughout the Outer Banks, KEES Vacations has become the perfect choice for those special moments in our guests’ lives. Whether it’s a wedding, family reunion, retirement celebration, holiday gathering, or a romantic getaway, our team at KEES believes in providing personal service and amenities plus the scheduling flexibility you love to make your stay extraordinary.

As a vacation guest, you want flexibility and fun when it comes to your vacation. Our goal here at KEES Vacations’ is to provide quality accommodations and the best experience possible, plus the flexibility you crave. One way we’ve responded to vacationers’ needs has been the creation of our unique FlexStayä program. Where many vacation rentals only offer weekly, Saturday-to-Saturday stays, KEES Vacations guarantees more accessibility by offering short-term or partial stay visits. We also provide a range of venues. From one-bedroom condos to 24-room oceanfront estates, KEES Vacations has an Outer Banks venue for your vacation event, KEES Vacations has an Outer Banks venue for every budget and occasion!

As a property owner, you may be looking for a top-notch, professional rental property company to assist with the annual management and marketing details required in getting your Outer Banks property seen and booked. KEES Vacations has invested in a trained marketing team with extensive knowledge in digital marketing and traditional industry best practices to advertise and promote properties nationally. I encourage you to download our KEES Hospitality Booklet for complete details about our resort, condo, and property management services.

In addition, KEES Vacations has partnered with local providers to extend tailored services for guests. These partnerships include perks like beach cabana service, beachfront horseback riding, and surfboard lessons at select properties, as well as the availability of KEES concierge service. Rental amenities such as dispensers with soap and shampoo as well as fresh towels and linen service provide a personal touch and demonstrate the KEES Vacations’ commitment to giving guests phenomenal vacations — and make vacation packing a breeze!

In working with KEES Vacations to manage your rental property, you will discover a transparent and genuine partnership. Our process is clear:

  • We review any issues you may have had with past management experiences
  • We discuss how our team can improve upon your property management expectations
  • We provide rental projections based on real numbers

Finally, here at KEES Vacations, we have a team of dedicated employees, who are ready to assist both vacation guests and rental property owners with every need. We believe in putting our employees in positions where they can flourish, grow with the company, and enhance our brand. You won’t find a better team around!

Take some time to explore our KEES Vacations site today, especially the gorgeous photographs of our Outer Banks properties. Learn more about the KEES Vacations’ unique FlexStay™ program. If you are planning an Outer Banks vacation, browse our “Visiting the Outer Banks” tab for more information. Rental property owners will want to explore Property Management Services for details about working with KEES Vacations.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about KEES Vacations!

Jeremy Grogg, CEO

KEES Vacations

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