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About Us

What is KEES Vacations?

What Makes Us Different?

KEES Vacations redefines the traditional weekly stay model by being the first on the Outer Banks to offer an additional way to book: FlexStay™.

With flexible check-in and check-out dates on many of our homes, guests can book partial or full week stays with KEES Vacations. Market data indicates today's traveler needs more flexibility and accessibility while traveling. Our guests also love our signature amenities in each rental every time, such as self-check-in and freshly made beds.

KEES Vacations manages vacation rental properties for over 300 happy homeowners ranging from Corolla to Hatteras Island. We believe in providing quality accommodations for all guests while taking expert care of our owners by focusing on communication first.

While KEES Vacations has changed the way people travel on the Outer Banks with FlexStay™, we're always at the forefront looking at new ways to improve the vacation rental experience.

Our Story


KEES Vacations has been serving Outer Banks guests and owners since 2008. What started as a simple idea between two former hotel industry heavyweights is now one of the top-rated outer banks rental companies in the area. How did we do it? Our focus is on consistent service delivery. 

By carefully curating, hiring, and retaining more than 40 dedicated full-time staff members on the KEES Vacations, with our part-time and temporary staff more than tripling during some parts of the year, we've found that surrounding ourselves with the best talent available leads to happier customers.
Our Culture


Many of our staff are promoted from within

Ample leadership opportunities to grow and learn

Our offices


Inventory & Revenue Management Team

Dedicated Owner Services Office

Dedicated Airbnb Communication Team

Our area of operation is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Our full operations team is housed under one roof, as is our in-house Marketing Team located in Point Harbor, just two quick minutes before you get onto the Outer Banks. 

A select number of team members are located in Newport News. Inventory & Revenue Management, Accounting, and our main communication team operate from this facility. Nearby is our state-of-the-art linen and laundry facility, Eagles Laundry.