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Top 3 Best Avon, NC Beaches for Your Dream Vacation

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore extends over 70 miles and is home to some of the most magnificent beaches in North Carolina. Kinnakeet is a term often used by locals to refer to the town. It was introduced by a group of American Indians who once inhabited this part of the Island. As you explore the area, notice the name on street signs and buildings.

This area is also recognized as the “Center of Hatteras Island.” Visitors from all over come to experience this pristine seashore. Often choosing to stay in Avon, due to its location, plenty of things to do, lots of high-quality restaurants in Avon and the fact that it houses the only chain grocery store on the island.

The natural beauty and rich history of the area are what keep beachgoers coming back year after year.

Avon Beach Accesses

There are several accesses to choose from in the bustling town of Avon. Parking is often limited due to the popularity of the area in the summer months. Most visitors tend to bring their 4x4 vehicles and cruise down the sand to find a secluded spot to relax for the day!

No need to pull out your GPS, this tiny town is easily explored by using mile markers. If you are new to the area, keep an eye out for those little green signs on the side of the road with white numbers on them. Locals use these mile markers to explain the whereabouts of specific places.

Whether you plan to walk from your cottage or hit the nearest 4x4 access, you are sure to find the perfect Avon beach for your dream vacation. 

Little Kinnakeet Beach Access
Mile Marker 52

Located at the North end of Avon is Little Kinnakeet Beach Access. You can also find this beach near milepost 52 off the main road of NC-12. You will notice an old Lifesaving Station, known as the Little Kinnakeet Lifesaving Station, across the street as you pull into the parking lot. This pedestrian beach access offers limited parking of no more than 18 vehicles. You know what that means. The early bird catches the worm. If you are looking to spend a memorable beach day with the crew at this access, you will need to get there early. While you may find it challenging to snag a spot, it is well worth the struggle. The less parking, the more open space on the beach there is to play. Do not forget to pack a lunch and a cooler full of goodies long enough to sustain you for the day. There are no convenience stores located nearby, and once you arrive, you will not want to leave and lose your spot.

Black Pelican Beach Access
Ramp 34 

At Ramp 34, you will find the ORV Black Pelican Beach Access . There are two ways to enjoy this beach. Get your 4x4 ready and experience driving over the dune to see the extraordinary views. Never fear. If you do not have an off-road vehicle, you can park in the lot next to the ramp and walk the sandy path down to the ocean! All of Hatteras Island's beaches allow for 4x4 vehicles. Before you head down to drive alongside the seashore, do not forget to purchase your ORV pass. While driving on the sand is a fun experience for the entire crew, there are rules and regulations to abide by. Speaking of off-roading. Beach safety is an important thing to understand while you’re relaxing in the sand. Be sure you pay close attention to the vehicles driving by.

Here is a pro tip to wrap your head around. If you are in search of a specific ORV ramp, try searching for the ramp number in Google Maps. Doing this will typically direct you straight to the ORV Ramp of your choice! 

Avon Fishing Pier

While we do not advise you to dive deep into the big blue right beside the pier due to the dangers of swimming below fishermen with hooks and a line. We do recommend strolling down the beach to find a perfect spot nearby. Post up for the day without dragging a heavy cooler down to the sand! The Avon Fishing Pier conveniently offers a store with ice-cold beverages, ice, and gifts to remember your stay by. While basking in the sunshine, you will often watch surfers catch the breaks off the pier, or an angler pulls up his limit for the day! When evening hits, walk down to the end of the pier and notice the fishermen fearlessly casting their lines in hopes of catching a big one. Entrance fees vary depending on age but plan to spend no more than $12 per adult. When you have had your fair share of fun in the sun, walk down to the Pangea Tavern and delight in a scrumptious meal to finish the evening.

The area's rich history, the convenience of a chain grocery store, and access to beautiful beaches make Avon the perfect vacation destination. If you are looking for and Hatteras rental for your next Outer Banks vacation. Look no further. We have you covered!

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