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What To Do When Selling Your Property

Before you even think about putting your home on the market, read this!

Now more than ever, it is important to establish key relationships, so when the time is right, you know what to do!

Our experienced Business Development Team has helped over 50 homeowners sell their property in the past two years, and we’ve taken a few notes along the way:

1. Find Your Perfect Listing Agent

Doing a quick Google search of “Outer Banks Realtor” might make it tough to figure out who to use. We recommend working backwards and starting with your property manager first. After all, we are licensed by the state of North Carolina!

The most important thing we stress to our owners is finding someone quick to respond AND experienced in your community.

Take notes of little details during the first interview and the communication leading up to it. Are they responding quickly? Do they text? Do they have inside connections with any networks? Do they even know anything about the town?

Finding someone you can trust is tough. Our team has wonderful recommendations up and down the beach and plenty of referrals from owners who have worked with us. And we do not take incentives or kickbacks!

2. Make the Necessary Repairs to Get Your Property “Showing Ready”

You can tell a lot about a house before you step foot in the door! Think back to when you were shopping for your beach home. First impressions can make or break your deal and put some serious extra cash in your pocket.

We have seen excellent results from recommending Leanne’s Site to Sea for professional staging and using KEES to help with deep clean and maintenance upgrades. Reach out to our Owner Services team, we can help!

Photo credit: Site to Sea

3. Remove All Personal Items

Normally, what is in the home usually ends up in the sales agreement. We find it’s best to go ahead and take anything you love with you. That means it’s time to go ahead and clean up that owner closet!

4. Keep an Open Line of Communication

Shoot a quick email to your listing agent and find out if there's been an open line of communication with your property management company. Little details can make all the difference when the transition occurs. For example, did you know the listing agent must let the property manager know the home is listed for sale, as well as when the home is under contract? Our team will watch as closely as we can, but we sure love the heads-up!

5. Decide if You Want to Close Your Calendar or Keep Taking Reservations

We always recommend keeping your home open and maximizing your revenue so buyers can see your rental potential. From the moment one of our homes is listed for sale, our property management team starts working for you. You will work together with our team and your realtor to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. KEES is here for you!

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