4 Reasons Why We Love Corolla

Photo by: Above the Coast / Coastal Shots

While some may count out Corolla because “it’s too far”, many will tell you it’s more than worth the drive! Being a bit further away from the hustle and bustle of the central towns means a more laid back vacation and that’s just one of the things we love about Corolla! It goes without saying that the beaches are beautiful, but here are some additional reasons why Corolla is so special for a vacation spot!

Quaint Corolla Village
If you’re wanting a break from the beach, exploring the backroads of Corolla Village is a nice respite. Hidden behind the shadow of the Currituck Lighthouse you’ll find the Wild Horse museum, The Island Bookstore, Corolla Village Market filled with all local artisan goodies, Corolla Village BBQ and more!

Bike & Walking Path
Corolla has a multi-mile pedestrian path running through most of the town that is perfect for jogging, walking, and bike riding with the family! You can avoid driving and walk to many of the Corolla attractions via the multi-use path!

Close to the Wild Horses
Everyone should make plans to visit the unpaved roads of Carova, but being right next door makes it even easier when you stay in Corolla! Watching wild horses roam the beach & take a dip in the ocean is something you don’t see in many other places and it’s a unique experience for the whole family. Guided tours are offered by companies in town such as:




Or if you are comfortable driving a 4x4 vehicle, you can explore these rugged beaches on your own to search for the horses. Don’t forget to stay 50 ft from the wild horses though if you find them!

For more information on the wild horses and safety, check out :

Activities Galore!
Even though Corolla is further away from the middle beaches and their attractions, Corolla isn’t lacking for activities of its own! If you’re looking for history, tour the historic Whalehead Club grounds or climb the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. Prefer an adrenaline rush? Climb the ropes course at Corolla Adventure Park. For family activities, you can play mini-golf or race go-karts! For the golf pros, there’s an award winning golf course at The Currituck Club. There’s also tons of shopping, restaurants & bars in town.

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