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KEES Towel Wrapping

If you have recently stayed with us, you may have seen the plastic-wrapped towels laying nicely on your beds upon arrival. KEES has recently invested in a towel-wrapping machine to ensure your towels reach your home in a sanitary manner and are not touched by anyone until you unwrap them!

Clean towels folded and covered in plastic

Towels are moved down the conveyor belt

Towels are ready for transport to your home

After the clean towels are folded by one of our team members, they are slipped into a plastic sheet and onto the conveyor belt they go. Then they are pressed and heated for maximum sanitation. From our operations center, they are transported directly to your home and placed on your bed after the bed has been made with fresh linens. Each bed will have towel sets according to how many it sleeps. For example, a twin bed will have one towel set, while a queen bed will have two towel sets.

Your health and safety are a priority to us, that's why we are constantly finding new ways to improve ways to ease your mind about your upcoming vacation. We are overjoyed you chose KEES for your vacation and we can't wait to help put your mind at ease and deliver the highest standard of hospitality!

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